Science 04 Lesson 170

1.            What problem did you identify? I didn’t find anything. 2.            Why was it a problem? It wasn’t because there was nothing wrong. 3.            How did you find a solution? I didn’t. 4.            Describe your prototype (3D modeled solution) I can’t. 5.             What do you expect your prototype to do? Nothing.

Science 04 Lesson 165

1.            What are scientists trying to learn from this project? They are trying to Understand how different small-scale shapes and movements in the aurora are formed, and they are trying to learn what conditions are needed for those different shapes and movements to happen. 2.         What kind of data are scientists using? Where its at,Continue reading “Science 04 Lesson 165”

Science 04 Lesson 162

1.     If you were looking through telescope, how could you tell the difference between a star and an asteroid? I don’t know. 2.     What is the biggest asteroid? Ceres. 3.     How long does it take to orbit around the sun? 365 days. 4.     What is the second largest asteroid? Vesta. 5.     Which asteroid can youContinue reading “Science 04 Lesson 162”

History 04 Lesson 155

Lightning Rod- Who invented it? Benjamin Franklin. When was it invented? 1752. Where was it invented? Philadelphia. How does it work? It intercepts flashes and guides lightning currents into the ground. Why is it important? So that buildings don’t get destroyed of catch fire after a lightning strike. Benjamin Franklin- Ben franklin was born JanContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 155”

History 04 Lesson 150

The Parachute- Who invented it? Louis-Sebastian Lenormand. When was it invented? 1783. Where was it invented? France. How does it work? When falling a parachute creates air resistance and the air resistance and gravity cancel each other out. Why is it important? Because people don’t die after jumping out of a plane. Selective breeding- WhoContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 150”