History 04 Lesson 120

Christiaan Huygens- Who invented him? God did in April 14, 1629. He invented him at The Hague Netherlands. He invented several things, and his biggest invention is the pendulum clock. And he discovered multiple things, and his biggest discovery was the rings of Saturn. Calculus- Who invented it? Isaac Newton gets the credit even thoughContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 120”

History 04 Lesson 11000000000000000000000000000000

Mersenne’s Laws- Mersenne’s laws mathematically determine how to tune string instruments. Galileo had the idea first but Mersenne proved the laws experimentally. Mersenne’s laws govern the construction and operation of string instruments, such as pianos and harps. Cartesian Coordinates- The cartesian coordinate system unified geometry and algebra for the first time. Cartesian coordinates established aContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 11000000000000000000000000000000”

History 04 Lesson 100000000

Compound Microscope- The compound microscope has at least two lenses one is where your eye goes to look through it called the eyepiece. One is at the end closest to the thing that you are studying. The earliest microscopes were known as flea glasses because they were used to study small insects.  Zacharias Janssen inventedContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 100000000”