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English 04 Lesson 25

My favorite place to go is one of my friends house. There I get to play with my buddies. We get to play outside that is super fun. Once we are worn out we play inside we play with toy swords and play videogames. That’s it!

Science 04 Lesson 23

Dragonflies are exceptionally good for the world they eat mosquitoes. When they are babies, they live in water. They can eat hundreds of mosquitoes each day. Also, as babies they eat tadpoles. A lot of people get damsel flies and dragon flies mixed up. That’s it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Science 04 Lesson 22

Mosquitoes are very bad creatures they can kill humans. They carry bad viruses like the yellow fever. There are laser beams that can kill mosquitoes. They weigh 2.5 milligrams. Only female mosquitoes bite. Baby mosquitoes can stand on water.

Science 04 Lesson 21

House flies are pests. They are disease carriers so they carry around diseases. They put a liquid on their food that makes its food have a liquid substance. So they are deadly, “kind of” so you do no tone on your food.

Science 04 Lesson 18

Termites make giant mounds in Australia. The worker termites clean, groom, feed, and protect the queen. The mounds in Australia have ventilation systems. Their ventilation system makes the wind pass-through little holes. Those holes lead to the central chimney there are also holes on the other side of the mound. Holes on the other sideContinue reading “Science 04 Lesson 18”

English 04 lesson 15

If I could design my own room I would put. A TV, a Playstation 4, with a bunch of videogames. I would put a bookcase with some books, a whole rack of Nerf guns. A cool bed with warm blankets. A nice fan on the ceiling. That ‘s it! 

History 04 lesson 15

Cranes, cranes help us build super high. They make it to where we can build skyscrapers, some of the highest buildings in the world. They are named after a bird the crane birds are tall and live in the wetlands. So they made cranes super tall and made it to where they can build. TheyContinue reading “History 04 lesson 15”


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