My Favorite Part of the World Tour So far History 06 Lesson 10

My favorite part of the world tour so far is Ancient Africa. Ancient Africa was my favorite because of all of the tribes. The tribes were all very advanced with their technology and weapons. Some of the tribes include Nubia, Nok, and Carthage. My favorite tribe was the Carthage tribe because they were smart and knew how to use iron.

Ancient Africa was so technologically advanced that they only attacked each other and nobody tried to attack them for a while. When Ancient Africa was in its prime it quickly and swiftly got attacked by the Romans. After Rome attacked Africa a few tribes were gone and taken over by the romans.

After the romans the few tribes in south and central Africa were left alone until the Europeans came along. At first the Europeans left them alone but around the time the new world was “discovered” by Columbus the Europeans started taking women, children, and males to do slave work. The slaves were treated badly until they started fighting back and eventually it was illegal to own a slave, and everybody is happy about that.

That is my cover on Ancient Africa and why it is my favorite of the world tour so far.

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