Where I Would Go If Languages Got Mixed Up During The Construction of The Tower Of Babel

There are many places I would like to go if I was building the Tower of Babel and my language got mixed up. These are the three main places I would like to go.

First, I would like to go west towards Europe. The reason that I would go that way is there is many crop land to farm on and our group could create cities and towns.

If the first doesn’t work out I would go east towards Asia Minor and Greece. The reason I would go there is there is lots of land to be claimed and seas to be explored my group would make a city that is called Greece and it will become a great city with philosophers that are smarter than today’s.

Last I would like to go south not the north because north it is cold and we would have no warm clothes. The reason I would like to go south is it gets warmer and I would not have to worry about the cold much one of the bad things would be deserts and new wildlife never seen before.

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