History 05 Lesson 45

Steel Plow-

Who invented it? John Deere. When was it invented? 1833. Where was it invented? Grand Decatur, Illinois. How does it work? The plow consists of a bladelike plowshare that cuts into the soil to begin to prepare it for planting. As it cuts a furrow, lifts it up, turns over, and breaks up the soil. This also buries the vegetation which was on the surface and exposes soil which can now be prepared for planting a new crop. Why is it important? So that we have better plows

Steam Shovel-

Who invented it? William Smith Otis. When was it invented? 1835. Where was it invented? England. How does it work? I could not find anything on the internet or anywhere that tells you how it works. Why is it important? So that we have excavators.

Postage stamp-

Who invented it? Rowland Hill When was it invented? 1847. Where was it invented? United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. How does it work? It is sticky on the back, and you stick it on a letter. Why is it important? So that letters get to people.

Vulcanized Rubber-

Who invented it? Charles Goodyear. When was it invented? 1839. Where was it invented? the Eagle India Rubber Company in Woburn, Massachusetts. How does it work? Vulcanization is a chemical process in which the rubber is heated with sulfur, accelerator, and activator at 140–160°C. The process involves the formation of cross-links between long rubber molecules to achieve improved elasticity, resilience, tensile strength, viscosity, hardness, and weather resistance. Why is it important? So that we can drive places in cars.

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