History 05 Lesson 30

Platform scale-

Who invented it? Thaddeus Fairbanks. When was it invented? 1857. Where was it invented? Johnsbury, Vermont. How does it work? A platform scale is a scale that measures the weight of objects loaded on a flat platform. The function of the platform is to transmit the weight of the object to the internal measuring device and to support the object during weighing. Why is it important Platform scales are the essential scales required to measure the weight of the object kept in the platform. … Platform scales offer many weighing instruments or scales. Platform scales measure the weight of large or heavy objects. These platform scales adjust weigh carefully and measure the object accurately.

Railroad T-Rail-

Who invented it? Robert Stevens. When was it invented? 1830. Where was it invented? McKeesport, Pennsylvania. How does it work? So, how do train rails work? Tracks are made of two parallel steel rails, laid at a set distance apart. … Steel is easily bent into shape, permitting tracks to be curved. Rails may also have switches, which allow trains to be moved from one track to another. Why is it important? So that railroads are better and more sturdy

Multi-Coil Magnet-

Who invented it? William Sturgeon. When was it invented? 1825. Where was it invented? Britain. How does it work? Many electromagnetic coils have a magnetic core, a piece of ferromagnetic material like iron in the center to increase the magnetic field. The current through the coil magnetizes the iron, and the field of the magnetized material adds to the field produced by the wire. Why is it important? Multi-coil field modeling allows flexible trade between efficiency and accuracy. Multi-coil efficiency for linear field gradients compares to conventional coils. Multi-coil field synthesis becomes more efficient for more complex field shapes.

Mechanical Reaper-

Who invented it? Cyrus McCormick. When was it invented? 1834. Where was it invented? Virginia. How does it work? It worked in this way: a straight blade (protected by guards) was linked to a drive wheel; as the drive wheel turned, the blade moved back and forth in a sawing motion, cutting through the stalks of grain, which were held straight by rods; the cut grain stalks then fell onto a platform and were collected with a rake. Why is it important? The mechanical reaper was used by farmers to harvest crops mechanically. This machine proved to be the answer for wheat farmers because it increased food production as well as made harvesting easier. Farmers could now process more wheat much quicker and with less labor force.

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