History 05 Lesson 5


I learned in the introduction that I would only learn about inventions from a timespan of 200 years. I also learned that inventors face adversity and that a lot of times have to make patents and if he invents something that is already invented, and the other person already has a patent he has to pay the original inventor a fine. One other thing I learned is that if the people think that someone else’s invention or discovery is right and someone else makes a new invention or discovery the government might even protest that he is wrong.

Suspension bridges-

Who invented it? James Finley. When was it invented? 1809. Where was it invented? The first one was built between Wales and Anglesey. How was it invented?  It was invented with steel ropes and a lot of steel and meatal. Why is it important so we have reliable bridges that cars can go across without there being any vine ropes and wood.

The Fire Hydrant-

Who invented it? Fredric Graff. When was it invented? 1801. Where was it invented? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. How was it invented? He made an iron plug instead of a wooden one that you have to dig down to. So, you can get water faster to put out a fire. Why is it important? To get water faster than having to dig down to find a water pipe to make a pool of water to get water.


Who invented it? George Stephenson. When was it invented? 1802. Where was it invented? The United Kingdom. How was it invented? He used a high-power engine and then he turned it into the first steam powered locomotive engine on rails. Why is it important? So that people were able to get around faster and easier.

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