History 04 Lesson 170

Semaphore Telegraph-

Who invented it? Claude Chappe. When was it invented? 1794. Where was it invented? France. How does it work?  Lines of relay towers with a semaphore rig at the top were built within line of sight of each other, at separations of 5–20 miles (8–32 km). Why is it important? So important messages can be sent to people faster.

Cotton Gin-

Who invented it? Eli Whitney. When was it invented? 1793. Where was it invented? Georgia. How does it work? It uses saws to pull cotton through a series of ginning ribs which are too large to pass through the ribs. Why is it important? So, cotton could be cleaner when used.

Eli Whitney-

He was born Dec 8, 1765, at Westborough, MA. He invented cotton Gin and he also invented interchangeable parts. He invented them in 1798, near New Haven. How do they work? They are identical to places they need to be put. Why are they important? So you  can switch broken parts with new ones.

Hydraulic press-

Who invented it? Joseph Bramah. When was it invented? 1795. Where was it invented? England. How does it work? I don’t know. Why is it important? I don’t know.

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