History 04 Lesson 160

Benjamin Thompson-

He was born March 26, 1753. At Woburn, MA. He invented the Rumford fireplace. He invented it in the 1700’s. in London England. Here’s how it works, Its streamlined throat is to let the dilution air flow as a sheet of clean air that keeps the smoke and products of combustion behind it flowing up the fireback. And its important because people can be warm after being in the snow.

Gas lighting-

Who invented it? William Murdoch. When was it invented? 1790. Where was it invented? England. How does it work? I don’t know. Why is it important? So, people can see and not walk into a street.

William Murdoch-

He was born Aug 21, 1754. At Lugar, United Kingdom. He made gas lighting and he also made the first working steam car. He made it in 1784. I don’t know where he invented it. I don’t know how it worked either. Why is it important? SO, WE HAVE CARS.

Screw Cutting Lathe-

Who invented it? Henry Maudslay’s. When was it invented? 1770. Where was it invented? I don’t know. How does it work? It guides linear motion of the tool bit in a precisely known ratio. Why is it important? So, screws can be made faster.

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