History 04 Lesson 155

Lightning Rod-

Who invented it? Benjamin Franklin. When was it invented? 1752. Where was it invented? Philadelphia. How does it work? It intercepts flashes and guides lightning currents into the ground. Why is it important? So that buildings don’t get destroyed of catch fire after a lightning strike.

Benjamin Franklin-

Ben franklin was born Jan 17, 1706. At Milk Street, Boston, MA. He invented many things like the Franklin stove. He invented it in 1742. In Pennsylvania. Here’s how it works, you put it in the middle of a room and it would radiate heat from the middle in all directions. And it is important because people could stay warm in the winter.

Glass Harmonica-

Who invented it? Ben Franklin. When was it invented? 1761. Where was it invented? England. How does it work? There are holes in bowls on a rod that’s on a wheel spinning, dampened fingers touch the edge of the spinning glasses make music. Why is it important? So dance of the sugar plum fairy was made.

Swivel Chair-

Who invented it? Thomas Jefferson. When was it invented? 1775. Where was it invented? Monticello. How does it work? There’s wheels to move around and things that turn can turn your seat. Why is it important? So, people can work faster.

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