History 04 Lesson 130

Coke-Fired Blast Furnace-

Who invented it? Abraham Darby 1st at Coalbrookdale When was it invented? 1709 Why is it important? So that we don’t cut down forests faster than we already are. When Abraham Darby 1st invented the coke-fired blast furnace he was only 30!

Newcomen steam engine-

Who invented it? Thomas Newcomen did in 1747. Where was it invented? Staffordshire. Why is it important? It became an important method of draining water from deep mines.

Thomas Newcomen-

Who invented Thomas Newcomen? God did on a in February 1664.Where was he invented? Dartmouth, United Kingdom. Why is he important? so that we have the steam engine. Thomas Newcomen was 65 years old when he invented the steam engine!

The Octant-

Who invented it? John Hadley did in 1730. Where was it invented? Philadelphia. How does it work? It uses a small mirror to bring two pictures together.

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