History 04 Lesson 125

Gottfried Leibniz

Who invented him? God did in July 1, 1646. Where was he born? Leipzig, Germany. Why is he important? So that we have the Leibniz calculator and other calculators. He was the first person to start a scientific journal in the holy roman empire.

The Piano-

Who invented it? Bartolomeo Cristofori did in 1700. Where was it invented? Italy. How does it work? You press a key, and a hammer hits a string. Before the piano was the harp. Then the harp evolved into the clavichord, then the clavichord turned into the harpsichord, then finally the harpsichord evolved into the piano.

 The Thermometer-

Who invented it? Daniel Fahrenheit did in 1709. Where was it invented? Unknown. How does it work? A thermometer measures temperature through a glass tube sealed with mercury that expands or contracts as the temperature rises or falls. As temperatures rise, the mercury-filled bulb expands into the capillary tube. Its rate of expansion is calibrated on the glass scale.

The Seismometer-

Who invented it? Zhang Heng did in 132 AD. Where was it invented? China. How does it work? A seismometer is a device that is sensitive to vibrations. It works on the principle of a pendulum: a heavy, inert mass with a certain resistance to movement (i.e. inertia) due to its weight is suspended from a frame by a spring that allows movement. A seismometer saves peoples lives because it can tell you if a tsunami is coming.

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