Science 04 Lesson 109

True crocs are a part of the Crocodilia reptile order. There are only 14 species of true crocs. Crocs and alligators are in the Crocodylidae subfamily. Saltwater crocodiles are the bigger than all the other crocs and they are bigger than the biggest alligators. Saltwater croc males can weigh 3000 pounds and grow over 20 feet long. The Nile crocodiles are the second biggest after the saltwater crocodile. Nile crocodiles are responsible for hundreds of human deaths every year. Crocs have the strongest bite in the world. Up to 5000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Crocodiles are ambush predators they will wait but sometimes they will sneak up on their prey by using stealth and then attack. Crocodiles will bring down their prey and drown them then they will go back up to the surface. Then they will spin around under water and that rips meat off its prey. So, it can swallow the meat. Most baby crocodiles don’t live to be big like the adults. Baby crocs have many predators like snapping turtles, herons, and other birds. And other carnivorous mammals. Big snakes such as anacondas and pythons eat baby crocs. That is it!

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