History 04 Lesson 90

Heliocentric Theory-

It was invented in the early modern age. It is important so we can measure how far away planets are and to measure how heavy a planet is.

Nicolaus Copernicus-

Nicolaus Copernicus was born Feb 19, 1473. At Torun, Poland. He died 1543. At Frombork, Poland. He specialized in astronomy. He invented the Heliocentric Theory.

Andreas Vesalius-

Andreas Vesalius was born Dec 31, 1514. At Belgium. He died in Oct 15, 1564. He latinized his name when he went to college. He wrote a book on anatomy and challenged Galen’s work. Galen’s work was based on human anatomy, but he thought that human anatomy was like monkey anatomy. It was illegal to dissect a human body, so he had to dissect animals. Vesalius was the first person to challenge Galen’s work.

The Pencil-

The pencil was invented in 1560 but it wasn’t patented till 1795. Pencil led is actually graphite. Hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of people use a pencil everyday.

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