History 04 Lesson 75

English Longbow-

English longbows were the strongest bow of the middle ages. They were as long as a man is tall. They could pierce the thickest plate armor. The bows are used to generate power.


Spurs are the things that you see on a cowboys boots in movies (they are the things that look like a star). The earliest spurs were straight. Soon they turned into rowel spurs and they looked like stars and could usually spin around. You would kick the horse and some how it would make the horse find courage to run into battle.

Blast furnace-

Blast furnaces when lit will become way hotter than a bloomery. Also, they smelt iron and other meatal way faster than a bloomery ever could. Blast furnaces are the biggest chemical reactors. A blastfurnace is usually built with a steel case and bricks made of magnesium oxide or other refractory material inside the case. The hot furnace cannot melt these bricks.

Plate armor-

Plate armor was the strongest armor of the middle ages. Knights almost always had plate armor on. Plate armor even though it sounds heavy the whole set is only 50 lbs. So the knights and soldiers could move around and they would still be agile.

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