History 04 Lesson 65


Buttons are essential to life they help tighten clothes more than pins and brooches (that is what people had to use on their clothes a long time ago). A little ice age was the thing that made the invention of the button. They can strap purses together and other sorts of pouches. Rich people are the ones that got to use buttons first cause they had lots of extra money poor people had to spend their money wisely.

Oil painting-

Tempera painting was the way to paint before oil painting. Oil painting was used at jousting tournaments because oil paint won’t wash off in the rain. It was used on stone sculptures and wood and other stuff that is outside. Jan Van Eyck made his own way of painting with oil paint.


Gunpowder and bell making led to the invention of the cannon cause a bell is the perfect thing to put a stone ball and a bunch of gunpowder in, I guess. Cannons were a revolution in firepower like the trebuchet it could shoot very far but the cannon shot farther. Cannons did not take long to reload like a catapult does. You could also put wheels on it.

Spinning wheel-

Spinning wheels made it faster to make thread for weaving. An entrepreneur brought the spinning wheel to Europe and started making more thread for weaving. Spinning wheels made an evolution and the first factories were made those factories were cloth factories.

Most Interesting fact

Clothing before buttons opened up on the top not the front so clothing relied on brooches, pins, and cloth drawstrings.

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