Science 04 Lesson 59

Male acorn woodpeckers have white going into red females have white going into red but there is some black in the middle. Acorn woodpeckers make granary trees and make a bunch of holes in it and they stuff acorns in the holes those acorns/nuts are their food for the winter. Acorn woodpeckers are very colorful they have yellow, black, white, and red. They are very protective of their acorns/nuts. Here is a video of a male acorn woodpecker protecting its acorns/nuts When a woodpecker is hitting wood with its beak it could knock a person out. Pale billed woodpeckers live in wet forests and woodlands. Ivory-billed woodpeckers are thought to be extinct, but they might have a community in a place no one has explored. Pileated woodpeckers almost look exactly like Ivory-billed woodpeckers. Look at this picture.

Look closely at the difference between the ivory-billed woodpecker (bottom) and the pileated woodpecker (top)

Ivory-billed woodpecker - Wikipedia

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