History 04 Lesson 55


Universities were invented by Greeks. They would do one on one educational stuff. The students were over the law if they were studying at a university so you would not want to make one of them mad if you did, they could kill you and get away with it. So, I wouldn’t want to live back then.

Wine press-

The wine press was made by the monks. Their design is the basket press. It looks like this. The monks made wine to feed the lord God. They would make wine and bread on a daily basis. Farmers that lived nearbysaw the monks make wine out of the basket press they would pay the monks to use the basket press the farmers would still make a profit because they could sell it for more than what they were because they got more juice out of it. The basket press looks like this.

Ribbed vault-

Ribbed valts were made from people that bulit with Romanesque. The first ribbed vault was made in Durham cathedral. It was made in 1093. This is already almost 200 words that’s crazy. A ribbed vault is what you see in a church sometimes. It was made so God would notice that church. It looks like this.


Chimeneys were first made by the swiss monks. It was invented in switzerland. It was made in 1185. (Monks invented a lot of things). At first in houses people would have a fireplace and stuff to keep warm. The way the gas and smoke got out was a giant hole in the middle of the ceiling. Holy cow it is almost 300 words that’s crazier. Back to what I was saying. But then the climate changed and it made colder winters and people and livestock died. Which was bad. No one could find a way to keep warm so people tried to do other stuff to keep warm but it didn’t work out so they made the chimeny and closeed off the hole in the ceiling. I wrote a 370 word essay the longest one I have wrote sorry 376 words.

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