Science 04 Lesson 53

 The Trumpeter swan is the heaviest bird in North America it weighs 30lbs. and it has the largest webbed feet. They have black beaks, and their wingspan can be over 8 ft. long! Tundra swans have two types of swans the Bewick swan and the Whistling swan. The Bewick swan has a more black than yellow beak. A Whistling swan has a little yellow on the base of the beak. Mute swans are not original to North America it has a orange bill with a black knob it is quieter than other swan species. They are a little bit smaller than trumpeter swans gut they can be larger. Their wingspan is close to 8 feet. Black swans are native to Australia. They have black feathers and a red bill they have white flight feathers. They have the longest neck of all swans.

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