Science 04 Lesson 51-52

Lesson 51 first, male mallard duck has a green head. Male mallards also have a blueish-purple or white or black spectrum feathers. Ducks flap very quickly they have to because of their size they have strong wing muscles. Mallard ducks have a 32-39 wingspan they weigh 3.5 lbs. ducks can swim as soon as they are hatched.

Lesson 52

Grey geese can weigh up to 9 lbs. that is a lot more than mallard ducks. Canada geese have a white chinstrap a black head and neck and a brown body also. Canada geese can weigh 14 lbs. now that is a lot more than a mallard duck. They have a 4-6 ft. wingspan. Geese fly in a V-formation to save energy. Baby geese are called goslings. Goslings swim in a V-formation between the goose and the gander.

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