History 04 Lesson 50


Al-Kindi figured out frequency analysis. When he went to a school in Bagdad, he became student AND a teacher. He would read and write probably 4 HOURS a day, that’s 28 HOURS writing in one week. That’s crazy. He was also a marketer so he said the benefits of products and people would buy them.


Al-Khwarizmi is called the father of algebra invented algebra. He also wrote a book that said the benefits of algebra like how you could make more money with it. When he discovered algebra, he broke math free of geometrical math.


Al-Razi was very good at surgery and could do a lot of stuff. He became a doctor and a teacher like Al-Kindi but Al-Kindi was not a doctor. When he went home like two months later he was invited to be the head of a new hospital. He discovered small pox. He also made books.


Al-Hazen made HUNDREDS of books. Those books later got translated to medieval Europe.

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