History 04 Lesson 45

The collapse of the Roman Empire lead to the creation of a variety of glass compared to the traditional Roman glass.  The Roman Empire made glass with materials that were imported.  The collapse lead to people moving away from the large roman cities.  These people had the skills to make glass but had to leave their tools behind.

Since glass was a necessity these people had to experiment with new materials to make glass which was so important to them.  These materials in the beginning lead to glass to a lower quality that they were used to.  They also lead to the glass to be colored instead of the clear Roman glass they had.  Overtime this experimentation lead to technics that resulted in multiple colors of glass.  So, things like gold made red glass and cobalt made blue glass.  This eventually led to the invention of stained glass that still see in churches today. 

Overall, the decentralization of Rome lead to the need of glass and allowed the creativity for new types of glass.  I also made a stained-glass thing one day.

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