Hi)story 04 Lesson 35

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Soap
  • Heavy plow
  • Stirrups


Wheelbarrows were invented in China and Europe. They help people pull or push something that is very heavy. You can push a lot of dirt at once. You could build houses way faster, make gardens faster. Make big dirt hills to run on faster and have fun on.


It is a mystery of where soap was invented or how it was invented. It cleanses you and helps your body from getting sick. But 1000’s of people don’t use it though. You can get it liquified or in a bar.

Heavy plow

  Nothing says where or when it was invented. Soooooooo. Farming was back breaking where there are hard soils, and you need vegies to survive. The heavy plow is big it has knives on the bottom of it. It breaks clay and hard soils easily. It makes farming easier.


Stirrups were invented in China in 300 AD. They are very important to riding on horseback. You would fall off easily if you made the horse run. So, you really want to have a stirrup on your saddle. They have a half oval so your foot doesn’t fall out of it. That’s it!

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