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Science 04 Lesson 48

Barn owls are my favorite bird. Barn owls have a heart shape on its face made of its feathers and that heart points sound into its ears. A barn owl’s ears are not aligned one is higher than the other one. That is so the barn owl can pinpoint its prey. Then it flies overContinue reading “Science 04 Lesson 48”

Science 04 Lesson 46

Great horned owls have a bunch of colored feathers all over their body. They have ear tufts, and a lot of people think they are their ears. Their pupils can grow bigger and smaller if they want them to. They like to hang out in trees. Their feet have talons that latch on to preyContinue reading “Science 04 Lesson 46”

History 04 Lesson 50

Al-Kindi Al-Kindi figured out frequency analysis. When he went to a school in Bagdad, he became student AND a teacher. He would read and write probably 4 HOURS a day, that’s 28 HOURS writing in one week. That’s crazy. He was also a marketer so he said the benefits of products and people would buyContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 50”

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