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History 06 Lesson 20

God’s sovereignty is all around us and it affected the Biblical Patriarchs greatly with god telling them what they needed to do their whole life and practically governing their actions. Yet technically he always governs many peoples lives by telling them what they should do, even if it is not spoken to them verbally. He…

History 06 Lesson 15

I see gods revelation all around me everyday like how he makes it to where everything has differences even tiny differences that makes everyone and everything different. I respond differently to god than in ancient civilizations I do not ignore him or create my own gods to worship. That is also how I see God’s…

My Favorite Part of the World Tour So far History 06 Lesson 10

My favorite part of the world tour so far is Ancient Africa. Ancient Africa was my favorite because of all of the tribes. The tribes were all very advanced with their technology and weapons. Some of the tribes include Nubia, Nok, and Carthage. My favorite tribe was the Carthage tribe because they were smart and…

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