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Science 04 Lesson 28

Tarantulas are scary they can get to the size of someone’s head or a foot long. I do not want to have one as a pet. A lot of people do though. I am kinda scared of normal spiders to. The Goliath bird eating spider is a tarantula even though it has the word spiderContinue reading “Science 04 Lesson 28”

History 04 Lesson 25

Simple machines help me a lot. They help me dig, they help me screw in and out. They help everyone a lot. Axes are a simple machine, they chop wood, well help you chop wood. They are very sharp so you do not want to touch the blade. Shovels, shovels help people dig. For someContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 25”

English 04 Lesson 25

My favorite place to go is one of my friends house. There I get to play with my buddies. We get to play outside that is super fun. Once we are worn out we play inside we play with toy swords and play videogames. That’s it!

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