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History 06 Lesson 25

The afterlife was so important to them because they felt that they dead needed to have belongings to bring with to the afterlife so that they can live in the afterlife. They wanted the dead to be able to go anywhere in the afterlife with also coming back to their tomb to eat the food…

History 06 Lesson 25

I learned about many different things about Egypt and its ancient dynasties. I also learned about facts other than the dynasties. King Menes unified Egypt for the first time ever and they were at peace. They created pyramids which are one of the 7 great wonders of the world. The Great Pyramid of Giza is…

History 06 Lesson 20

God’s sovereignty is all around us and it affected the Biblical Patriarchs greatly with god telling them what they needed to do their whole life and practically governing their actions. Yet technically he always governs many peoples lives by telling them what they should do, even if it is not spoken to them verbally. He…

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