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Science 04 Lesson 175

1.            What are scientists trying to learn from this project? I honestly don’t know. 2.            What kind of data are scientists using? If there is pelicans or other animals. If there is pelicans with a wing tag coyotes or mammalian predators if the is pelican eggs or if there is baby pelicans and if thereContinue reading “Science 04 Lesson 175”

History 04 Lesson 175

Smallpox vaccine- Who invented it? Edward Jenner. When was it invented? 1796 Where was it invented? Trinity, Newfoundland. How does it work? It stimulates a person’s immune system to develop antibodies and cells in the blood and elsewhere that can then help the body fight off a real smallpox infection. Why is it important? So, people don’tContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 175”

English 04 Lesson 170

I don’t have a favorite moment in English and everything except for capital letters, end punctuation, nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives was new. I enjoyed writing about what superpower I would have and what my family would do if a lion was in our house. And the craziest dream I ever had and other funnierContinue reading “English 04 Lesson 170”

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