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History 05 Lesson 15

The Pencil-                                                          Who invented it? Nicholas-Jacques Conte. When was it invented? 1795. Where was it invented? Nuremburg, Germany. How does is work? Graphite molecules are flat groups of carbon atoms that are stacked in layers. The layers slide against each other and allow the lead to slide off the pencil point and onto the paper. When youContinue reading “History 05 Lesson 15”

History 05 Lesson 10

Vapor Compression Theory- Who invented it? Oliver Evans. When was it invented? 1805. Where was it invented? I don’t know where Oliver Evans, but it was patented in England. How was it invented? Nothing tells me how it was invented so. Why was it invented? Also, nothing tells me why it was invented so. OliverContinue reading “History 05 Lesson 10”

History 05 Lesson 5

Introduction- I learned in the introduction that I would only learn about inventions from a timespan of 200 years. I also learned that inventors face adversity and that a lot of times have to make patents and if he invents something that is already invented, and the other person already has a patent he hasContinue reading “History 05 Lesson 5”

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