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History 04 Lesson 120

Christiaan Huygens- Who invented him? God did in April 14, 1629. He invented him at The Hague Netherlands. He invented several things, and his biggest invention is the pendulum clock. And he discovered multiple things, and his biggest discovery was the rings of Saturn. Calculus- Who invented it? Isaac Newton gets the credit even thoughContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 120”

History 04 Lesson 115

Mercury Barometer- Who invented it? Someone named Evangelista Torricelli invented it in 1643. But I don’t know where he invented it. How does it work? You open a tube in a pool and the pool fills up a little and the tube loses a little bit of mercury until the atmospheric pressure is level withContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 115”

English 04 Lesson 115

My favorite thing about my family is that they let me do a lot of sports. My mom and dad let me do basketball, baseball, soccer, and football. And my family cheers me on. When I lose a game and I am sad my mom, dad, 2 sisters and sometimes my brother all eat iceContinue reading “English 04 Lesson 115”

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