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History 04 Lesson 75

English Longbow- English longbows were the strongest bow of the middle ages. They were as long as a man is tall. They could pierce the thickest plate armor. The bows are used to generate power. Spurs- Spurs are the things that you see on a cowboys boots in movies (they are the things that lookContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 75”

English 04 Lesson 75

If I could fly, I would probably fly to the seven wonders in one day. Then I would go to many other historical sites. I would fly to where battles were I would fly to Palau and look for more things and machines that were destroyed (that are still there of course). That is prettyContinue reading “English 04 Lesson 75”

History 04 Lesson 70

Spectacles- A long time ago when you got old it was BAD because when you get old you would start to lose your vision! That was very bad because some people were very good teachers then they got old and couldn’t teach anymore so they had to go into premature retirement (which would be veryContinue reading “History 04 Lesson 70”

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