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Get a LoD of this: Palm Pre vs iPhone vs G1

The Palm Pre was just announced at CES last week.  Is this finally a worthy competitor to the iPhone?  Check out Gizmodo’s article that compares the Palm Pre to the iPhone and G1.
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2008 external storage solution

I need some sort of external storage solution that I can use to solve my file-sharing, non-backed up, multiple copies of files spread willy-nilly on different machines, too scattered to know where any of my files are, no central storage area problem.  I need a reliable storage unit as a central repository for all my […]
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Why I’m rooting for Apple: not just an Apple fanboy

For years Microsoft has been making huge contributions to the industry.  Much of the world runs on Microsoft products.  The position that Microsoft has gotten to today is a product of building great software and deploying it in a market where it holds over 90% of the share.  The more market share that Microsoft owns, […]
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