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Gunna have to go with Gruber on this one


Best iPad Response


Possible 2010 iPhone graphics processor upgrade?

PowerVR, maker of the graphics processor in the iPhone, just announced an update to the same line of graphics processors.  It would be easy to speculate then, that the 2010 iPhone could possibly contain this chip upgrade. The new chip is the PowerVR SGX545, and it adds FULL support for DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 3.2, and […]
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iPhone 3G S faster than iPhone 3G example video

The iPhone 3G S does feel faster doing just about everything (even just flipping through pages on the springboard). This video is a great comparison of the speed difference.
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Ridiculously awesome gymkhana video

This is me… …in my dreams. The driver in the video is Ken Block – a co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of DC Shoes. The car he’s driving is a 2008 Subaru STi that was custom built by Crawford Performance and the Skunkworks team.  It’s got 565 WHP, 590 ft/lb torque, and some custom valved […]
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Project Natal gets the couch off your butt

Project Natal is a “controller free gaming and entertainment experience” by Microsoft.  Natal is being created for the Xbox 360 game platform and is based on an add-on for the console that will enable you to interact via gestures, spoken commands, or other physical objects.  In case that doesn’t sound extremely exciting, take a look […]
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WWDC 2009 | Highlights | new iPhone release: iPhone 3GS date and information

Highlights from WWDC 2009 Keynote: iPhone OS 3.0 available worldwide June 17th My weapon of choice this year for the Keynote stream was http://www.macrumorslive.com.  They have a good stream text feed, and an even better streaming pictures feed.  The pictures updated more often than the text, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they caught every […]
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Zune HD hands on video

Here’s a video of the Zune HD, posted on Gizmodo today: Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo.  Click the link to go to Gizmodo’s page.  They have a picture gallery of their hands on experience with the Zune HD. One thing to note – they didn’t show any multitouch interactions in the […]
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MacBook modding

Useless but awesome: [via SmokingApples]
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Get a LoD of this: Macworld Keynote Presentation [video]

As today is the start of the Macworld Expo I find it rather appropriate that today’s Link of the Day would be the Apple hosted video of this morning’s Keynote presentation.  Enjoy!
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Macworld 2009 Live Keynote coverage blogs/feeds/streams

For those of you not able to make it to San Francisco to watch the Keynote presentation in person, get in on the action by watching one (or more) of the following sites.  They’ll be giving live event coverage as the Keynote progresses. Blog/feed updates: http://live.gdgt.com/2009/01/06/live-macworld-2009-keynote-coverage/ http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/06/live-from-the-macworld-2009-keynote/ http://www.macworld.com/article/137730/2009/01/expo_live.html?lsrc=top_1 http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-10131491-37.html?tag=txt http://blogs.computerworld.com/ http://www.origin.popularmechanics.com/blogs/ http://live.macobserver.com/article/2009/01/ http://live.gizmodo.com/ http://www.macrumorslive.com [HACKED!] […]
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