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2009 New 13″ MacBook Pro

There was a new 13″ MacBook Pro announced at WWDC 2009 yesterday.  They’re available starting today.  New features include: built-in (non-removable) 7 hour battery new Display (has better color, etc…) SD Card slot Firewire port up to 8Gb of memory up to 500Gb hard drive and a backlit keyboard. They also start at a lower […]
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Latest MacBook update didn’t fix external monitor

One of the issues that I mentioned in my post about Apple’s latest unibody MacBook firmware update was that my external monitor flickers and freaks out when it comes out of power save mode (when the screen goes off, computer still on).  I was hoping that the latest update would fix it, but it seems […]
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Firefox 3.1 Beta adds support for 3-finger gesture

Finally!  Many complaints about Firefox lately have revolved around the lack of support for the late-2008 Unibody MacBooks’ multi-touch trackpad, particularly the 3-finger gestures.  This feature has already been built in to Safari and allows users to go back in history (3-finger swipe left) or go forward (3-finger swipe right) – finally Firefox has adopted […]
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Late-2008 Unibody MacBook Update

There’s a firmware update out for the late-2008 unibody MacBooks.  Maybe it’ll fix my issues with the external monitor going crazy when the screen comes back on after going dark (from energy saving).  Others have been complaining about how the MacBooks come out of sleep if you remove anything from the USB ports while in […]
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Unibody MacBook: screen brightness fluctuations

I’ve been noticing lately that on my 13″ Unibody Macbook the screen brightness fluctuates at times.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.  MacFixIt has confirmed this issue and details that it happens because of the ambient light sensor that’s placed at the top of the screen (if you place your hand over […]
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VMware Fusion vs Boot Camp | Unibody MacBook | Windows Experience Index

Yesterday I decided to give VMware Fusion a try on my 13″ Unibody MacBook.  Running Windows, however painful, is still important for me because I’m a software developer mainly for Microsoft technologies – I’d like to be able to be able to program in .NET 3.5 and Silverlight using Visual Studio 2008… I didn’t want […]
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Robin Harris: Unibody MacBook a flop? I hope not.

WOW: “Apple’s New Macbooks: flop or fiasco?”. A very bold statement sir, I’ll give you that.  But I can’t help but want to put you in the same category as this guy, Steve Ballmer, below.  Maybe that’s a low blow.  I’m just going to hope that you’re wrong on this one.
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Unibody MacBook protection: Incase’s Neoprene Sleeve

Just thought I’d give a quick shout out to Incase’s Neoprene sleeve that I bought this weekend.  It was relatively inexpensive compared to other cases/bags ($38 after tax), and it really feels like a quality sleeve.  The 13″ unibody MacBook fits very snug into the sleeve and there is a lot of padding. The sleeve […]
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Unibody MacBook: trackpad update

I never had any problems with my MacBook trackpad, but apparently others were getting missing clicks, especially on the MacBook Pros.  Regardless, there’s a trackpad update to squash the bugs.  Hopefully this settles the complaints…
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Unibody MacBook vs. Macbook Pro: Windows Experience Index and first impressions

First impressions with this MacBook – very speedy.  I’ve loaded Windows Vista x86 onto my machine (shame on me, but I had to do it) and after installing the boot camp drivers I decided to see what the Windows Experience Index was.  It got a 5.3!  For comparison, my 2.6 Ghz 17″ MacBook Pro only […]
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Macbook. Apple Discount. Go Time.

I broke down and bought it.  The new 13″ Unibody MacBook.  I have a 17″ Macbook Pro from work, but I’m a software developer that’s forced to stay in Windows most of the time.  I felt that this warranted the expensive purchase of a more portable 13″ MacBook that provided better mobility and, most of […]
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