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Rands on Twitter

Rands on Twitter: Twitter spam. Really? Are you even paying attention? I’ll say it again, you choose who you follow. If you’re following a newsbot, you’re going to get news spam. If you follow a good friend who can’t stop RTing, you’re going to to get retweet spam, but complaining about it is like standing […]
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What I’ve been up to

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days.  Things have been crazy with work.  I’ve been pulling those 12 hour days. Unfortunately when the weekend came I didn’t find much comfort in relaxation.  Instead I spent money on buying Twittersort.com.  I’ve proceeded to spend almost my entire weekend coding the website […]
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Note to my Twitter followers/followings

I was about to clean up the list of people that I’m following on Twitter today.  My criteria were simple: If you haven’t said anything interesting or posted a link to anything interesting in your most recent page of tweets, then I’m going to stop following you. After searching through a whole bunch of people […]
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How I use Twitter and why I love it

I’ve been using Twitter for a few months now, and in these few months I’ve made a couple discoveries. The first thing I love about Twitter is that it has different uses.  Some use it as a place to congregate with their friends or connect with new people.  Others want to promote their business or […]
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WPF and SL developers using Twitter

Yesterday I found the list of iPhone developers that are on Twitter.  Today I decided to start a google spreadsheet Twitter list that has all the WPF and Silverlight developers on it.  If you want your name on the list just go to this form. You’ll also be able to follow all of these users […]
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Looking for all the iPhone developers using Twitter?

I was reading Jeff LaMarche’s iPhone Development blog and saw that Tim Haines (developer of the BurnBall iPhone game) has put up a google spreadsheet document that all the iPhone developers can put their twitter accounts on.  There’s even a ruby script that somebody made so that you can add them all at once!  Pretty […]
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Weird font bug in TweetDeck

Just noticed this last night and thought my eyes were going bad.  The weird thing is that scrolling through the Tweets fixes the error.  It must be some font rendering bug for this specific font in Adobe Air.  I’m running TweetDeck on Leopard.  It seems to only happen with the capital ‘S’. Here are the […]
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