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Jailbreak tutorial for iPhone 3G: 3.0 OS

I just jailbroke my phone last night, but the experience was far from smooth.  I jailbroke my phone 3 times, and the first 2 times my phone couldn’t get any service form AT&T.  I’m posting this tutorial thread to help others overcome any of the same issues that I had. Step 1 Download PwnageTool from […]
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iPhone SDK tutorial: disconnecting your application from Interface Builder

This is a quick tutorial on disconnecting your iPhone project from Interface Builder using Xcode. When you initially start a new iPhone project in Xcode, you get a project that loads from a NIB file.  This NIB file describes a template for how visual elements are layed out on the screen. As a newbie to […]
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iPhone coding tutorial: Hello world!

In this tutorial I will walk you through the creation of a Hello World application.  I know that Apple already has a Hello World! sample that you can look at, but if you’re just getting started that’s not enough of a walk through to show you what’s going on. This will be more than just […]
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Next generation computing: multitouch

The next generation of computing is coming in many new forms.  From easier to use interfaces on our classic point and click desktop and laptop machines, to all sort of new multitouch experiences:  HP’s upcoming multitouch screen, Apple’s pending multitouch interfaces, Microsoft’s Surface platform, Perceptive pixel’s multitouch screen and others.  This next generation of technology is […]
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iPhone SDK – First steps to start developing

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet. Free Sign-Up Go to http://developer.apple.com/iphone Click Log In Sign up for an account if you haven’t already – it’s free.  Logging in will get you access to the SDK and a whole bunch of documentation. On a mac machine (OS X v10.5.3 or later), download and […]
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