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Reality-altering technology

Pranav Mistry, inventor of SixthSense technology, demos what I would call the best implementation of augmented reality I’ve seen to date.  Very typical of all the TED presentations!  Click on the image to go to the video.  It’s worth watching.
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XUI through Augmented Reality

All of these Augmented Reality applications have been popping up lately and it reminded me of the old XUI videos that I saw a while back. These XUI videos by Microsoft are an extremely sci-fi feeling, forward-thinking rendition of what computing could become and how it could impact our lives.  XUI would “totally” be possible […]
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Future of Technology

This is sort of a “look how far we’ve come” video, as well as a “welcome to reality” video.  The video is pretty long, but there are lots of useless facts in it that you could randomly spout out to your work buddies.  That’s what I do… I saw this first over at NetGenDesign.
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370Z and the Nissan SynchroRev Match technology

As a 350Z owner I was obviously pretty excited to hear about the release of the 370Z.  I watched the news for the spy photos and now that the 370Z is here, I’ve read all the reviews.  I have yet to drive one and I can’t wait to sit myself in someones driver seat (if […]
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