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iPhone 4 reception issue

From a recent email I sent around the office… “While ALL iPhone 4s actually have this problem (Craig, let me see you’re iPhone and I’ll show you 😉 and it is definitely DUMB that a world class mobile phone has an issue as stupid as “if you hold it in this way it doesn’t work,” […]
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The monty hall problem

You’re on a game show. There are three doors.  Behind one of the doors is a brand new car.  Behind the other two doors are goats.  Don’t ask me why they’re goats.  They’re just always goats. You’re asked to choose a door.  Let’s say you choose door number 1. The host of the show opens […]
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Problems with the latest MacBook Nvidia update

I was going to ignore the issue until I saw this thread from AppleInsider.  People that were reportedly having problems with the integrated 9400M video cards in their late-2008 unibody MacBooks are still having problems with the latest driver update.  I had some problems a while back with my secondary display flickering, but I haven’t […]
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