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More Apple tablet news

AppleInsider announced today that they have multiple sources that are ” well-respected by AppleInsider for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs” – they all are saying that there’s a tablet slated for 2010.  Could be exciting.  Take a look at the complete AppleInsider article. In addition to the other pictures I posted a couple days […]
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Apple Media Pad rumor… again

In Apple’s most recent earnings report (Q309) they again squashed any hopes of coming out with a netbook computer saying that they’re not going to make a piece of junk. Rumors have been flying around nevertheless about an “Apple Media Pad.”  The rumors are complete with pictures of course.  Above is the most recent concept. […]
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Apple stands for quality: no cheap MacBook on the horizon

[This article is intended to be read within the context of my other post: Apple’s NetBook release stategy | Redefining “netbook”] Last Friday, AppleInsider posted an article about Apple releasing a netbook – I disagree with this as the term is currently defined.  AppleInsider then goes on to say that it’s believed by some that […]
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Apple’s NetBook release strategy | Redefining “netbook”

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Apple reducing it’s notebook pricing and coming out with a cheap MacBook that would be able to reside in the netbook segment of the market.  This has created a lot of controversy around whether or not Apple should release a cheap product.  Apple has stated that they […]
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