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best elevator music ever…

Thanks for the link Karim 🙂
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LOL at Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker of NBC in 2007: “We know that Apple has destroyed the music business…”
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Billboard.com is worth visiting

Billboard.com, a music site I would have never visited before, is now a site that I will be visiting regularly. They just released all of their charts for free (which is something I’m surprised wasn’t free before…) so you can go back and see the music charts for whatever date in the past. The COOL […]
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Get a LoD of this: This guy is GOOD. Real good.

This guy is good.  Real good.  Watch him jam out to his own beats.  Below are what I consider the best ones. Don’t forget to check out his website and read his about page. UPDATE: Crap!  I forgot to give his name.  “This guy” is Ronald Jenkees. And my personal favorite:
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iPhone’s Ocarina: sample from Youtube.com.

Play your iPhone as a musical instrument!  Smule’s Ocarina is just plain awesome.  Maybe they’ll add it to SLOrk (Stanford Laptop Orchestra), though they might have to do a spin-off called SPOrk (Standford Phone Orchestra).  Here’s a sample:
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