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Windows Mobile 7 Announced


Apple store 360 feet from Microsoft Store

While the Microsoft Store was launching in Mission Viejo, CA at the end of October, the Apple store (360 feet away from the Microsoft store) was busily working on a remodel.  When I was there, the entire Apple store was stripped down – the drywall wasn’t even up yet. Here we are, less than a […]
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XUI through Augmented Reality

All of these Augmented Reality applications have been popping up lately and it reminded me of the old XUI videos that I saw a while back. These XUI videos by Microsoft are an extremely sci-fi feeling, forward-thinking rendition of what computing could become and how it could impact our lives.  XUI would “totally” be possible […]
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Microsoft’s new IE8 ad campaign is actually…

Funny!  Believe it or not.  Even though I think IE8 is noticeably slow, I’d use it JUST to make sure I didn’t get F.O.M.S (see below).  Well…not really.  But maybe. They’re only airing these online right now but depending on public perception they may make their way to the television. Take a look at the […]
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Microsoft Bing a new contender?

I’m not sure what others have been saying about Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, but I just noticed that it was starting to make an appearance on my Google Analytics stats.  It’s referring the third most visits out of the 11 search engines that have made an impression on my blog in the past 30 […]
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Time to get your drive on with Forza 3

CornerBalance, a car blog that I’ve been following recently, just posted about a new video game release: Forza 3. They were invited to a Forza Demo Event where there were real cars setup that attendees would get test in-game.  While the prominent aspect of every racing game is how well the cars simulate real cars, […]
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Zune HD hands on video

Here’s a video of the Zune HD, posted on Gizmodo today: Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo.  Click the link to go to Gizmodo’s page.  They have a picture gallery of their hands on experience with the Zune HD. One thing to note – they didn’t show any multitouch interactions in the […]
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Zune HD details released

The Zune HD was finally announced officially by Microsoft on Tuesday. Here are the quick details: The Zune HD is targeted at the iPod Touch – it’s not a phone.  (Darn) The screen is slightly smaller than the iPhone (480×272 vs 480×320), but so is the device. The screen is OLED. Multitouch is enabled, but […]
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Multitouch Interface on a budget

If you don’t have enough money to buy a Surface, why not make one yourself?  For 3% of the price.  Yes.  Instead of a $12,000 Surface you can build your own multitouch machine for $350.  Sounds like a great deal to me.  I think this would be a great solution for people that want to […]
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Best explanation of Apple’s 10-inch screen purchase

Admittedly, I haven’t really payed much attention to everybody’s theories about why Apple purchased so many 10 inch screens, but of those that I have payed attention to, this one caught my eye the most: Almost overnight Apple became a dominate player in the music business. The next night they completely changed the mobile phone […]
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Teaching Microsoft on a Mac

I was watching a session from MIX09 this morning titled “Deep Dive into Microsoft Silverlight Graphics.” The session was hosted by Seema Ramchandani and surprisingly (though, not too surprisingly) she was conducting the session from her 17″ MacBook Pro. She’s teaching the intricacies of a Microsoft product from the comfort of Mac. Wonderfully ironic! The […]
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Super Bowl Security commanded by Microsoft Surface

Looks like the Microsoft Surface unit is going to be a key player in helping the security team stay organized on Super Bowl Sunday.  Credit goes to Microsoft, E-SPONDER, and Infusion.  Microsoft supplies the Surface unit, E-SPONDER supplied the connections to the security data network, and Infusion Development provided the Falcon Eye technology (the software […]
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Ballmer Schmall-mer: downplaying Google’s Android

“Microsoft starts taking shots at Google’s Android” while speaking at the Australian telecom Telstra’s annual investment day.  I don’t believe Ballmer holds any credibility when talking about the mobile market. As this article points out, “Ballmer said it was Google’s first phone operating system and designing one wasn’t easy. ‘They can hire smart guys, hire a lot […]
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“I’m a PC – and I’m buying a Mac”

They’re going to get a lot more responses like this with their “I’m a PC” recording booths outside the mac store.
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I love working at IdentityMine: PDC2008

Working at IdentityMine definitely has its perks.  One of the biggest perks is getting to work with leading technology.  One of the technologies we’ve been able to play with and develops apps for is Microsoft Surface.  Check out this video taken at PDC today.  The video shows Meaghan McAllister, our marketing coordinator, showing off one of the photo applications that […]
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