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iPhone 4 reception issue

From a recent email I sent around the office… “While ALL iPhone 4s actually have this problem (Craig, let me see you’re iPhone and I’ll show you 😉 and it is definitely DUMB that a world class mobile phone has an issue as stupid as “if you hold it in this way it doesn’t work,” […]
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Z2K9: Zune freeze issue due to leap year

The issue that made 30GB Zunes freeze on the last day of 2008 was apparently due to the code in the firmware for controlling leap year.  On the last day of a leap year the code hit an infinite loop because it got to day 366.
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Latest MacBook update didn’t fix external monitor

One of the issues that I mentioned in my post about Apple’s latest unibody MacBook firmware update was that my external monitor flickers and freaks out when it comes out of power save mode (when the screen goes off, computer still on).  I was hoping that the latest update would fix it, but it seems […]
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Weird font bug in TweetDeck

Just noticed this last night and thought my eyes were going bad.  The weird thing is that scrolling through the Tweets fixes the error.  It must be some font rendering bug for this specific font in Adobe Air.  I’m running TweetDeck on Leopard.  It seems to only happen with the capital ‘S’. Here are the […]
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Unibody MacBook: screen brightness fluctuations

I’ve been noticing lately that on my 13″ Unibody Macbook the screen brightness fluctuates at times.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.  MacFixIt has confirmed this issue and details that it happens because of the ambient light sensor that’s placed at the top of the screen (if you place your hand over […]
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