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Happy Friday! Here are a couple funny videos I saw this week

I love the Intel commercials! Pretty funny, especially from an engineers standpoint. [thanks Teresa!] Possibly NSFW! Drops an F bomb, but hey, so do people at work… [Thanks Karim!]
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2010 MacBook Refresh Q1 and Q3 | Light Peak?

Earlier today, AppleInsider posted an image from an internal Intel email that was sent to all employees as part of their internal rewards structure.  The image stated that they had a chance to win a new MacBook Pro “with the accelerated response of an Intel Core i5 processor.”  This leads us all to believe that […]
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Next generation iPhone to use Intel Moorestown processor?

It would be interesting to see the next generation iPhone use the Intel Moorestown processor.  I have no definitive answers, but definitely a few interesting facts to think about. If the next generation iPhone was made using Intel’s Moorestown processor the iPhone could become less secure from hackers due to the x86 architecture that the […]
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Intel in the doghouse – apologizes to Apple

Intel says sorry to Apple.  Steve Krazits, over at CNET.com also noted that this fiasco may raise the question of “just how strained the relationship between the world’s largest chip maker and Apple… has become this year.” It’s no wonder that there could be tension between the two companies – while they seem to work well […]
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Mobile device CPU Wars: ARM vs Intel: iPhone vs Moorestown MID

We all know and remember the AMD vs. Intel battle of the past, but now Intel’s back to take on another three letter word – ARM.  Today ushers in a new era of CPU wars, but this time we’re looking at entry into a market that doesn’t reside in our homes and offices, but directly […]
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