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Hacking a parking meter

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iPhone 3G S Jailbreak possible

The iPhone Dev Team just released word that it will be possible for them to jailbreak the iPhone 3G S. It’ll take some time to work these into our tools, but the fundamental weaknesses are there:  The bootrom is exploitable via 24Kpwn, and the baseband is exploitable via ultrasn0w. They’ll be able to jailbreak it, […]
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Sign hackers strike Bellevue, Washington

Earlier this week I posted a picture of a road sign that had been hacked to show the text “ZOMBIES AHEAD.”  Clicking the picture took you to the Jalopnik web site where they’ve posted a tutorial on hacking the signs.  Funny that today I see it in the news, not more than 20 minutes from […]
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Get a LoD of this: Traffic signs

The zombies are causing traffic problems again… Clicking the image will NOT take you to instructions on how to “hack” one of the above traffic signs. </lie>
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T-Mobile G1 Hacked? Browser issues

Some T-Mobile G1 users are seeing an interesting page redirection when they try to visit some web sites. They get redirected to a security issues page that entices them to download an AntiSpyware program. Interesting issue. Though, as one of the commenters pointed out, it could have been a server that got hacked and not […]
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