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Google voice on the iPhone


Google’s growing pains with the Nexus One

It appears that even monolithic companies fail when they start dipping their hands into unknown territory.  According to PCWorld, Google’s new phone, the Nexus One, is falling subject to bad reviews for Customer Service – and the fact that it basically doesn’t exist.  Users having problems with the phone are either being tossed back and […]
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Microsoft Bing a new contender?

I’m not sure what others have been saying about Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, but I just noticed that it was starting to make an appearance on my Google Analytics stats.  It’s referring the third most visits out of the 11 search engines that have made an impression on my blog in the past 30 […]
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Get a LoD of this: Flutebox and Beardyman

I’m impressed.  Specifically at 4:25 to 5:00 and 14:20 to 15:20 (or somewhere around there).
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Cloud Computing: Silverlight | Flash | Google

All the major players are getting their hands in the pot.  Microsoft is working on Live Mesh, as a starting point to their cloud computing platform; Apple has MobileMe, which is more just a service than a platform; and Google has all of their javascript web apps (Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc..). Now, I don’t […]
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Android SDK first look: SDK Setup

As Google is getting started with introducing it’s first phone to the market, the G1, I’m thinking that it’s about time I get to taking a look at the Android SDK.  I know, I know – I’m late.  Anyway, I got a chance to do just that today.  Real quick, here are my first thoughts: […]
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Google browser: chrome

Google came out with a new browser today and I got a few minutes to look at it on a Vista machine. They did a pretty good job. The first thing that came to mind when I saw it, and the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think ‘Google’, is that it is […]
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