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Robin Williams named his daughter after a video game

I had no idea that Robin Williams was such a gamer.  Apparently, he plays Call of Duty AND he named his daughter after one of the greatest video games ever made – Zelda.  I was surprised when he said he got “owned” in Call of Duty.  Not that he actually got owned, but that he […]
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Project Natal gets the couch off your butt

Project Natal is a “controller free gaming and entertainment experience” by Microsoft.  Natal is being created for the Xbox 360 game platform and is based on an add-on for the console that will enable you to interact via gestures, spoken commands, or other physical objects.  In case that doesn’t sound extremely exciting, take a look […]
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Microsoft to release a TouchPack for Windows 7

Microsoft is going to release a TouchPack for Windows 7 that will come bundled with the Retail version of Windows 7. This pack includes some multitouch applications, including some games.  Looks like it should be fun times at your nearest Win7 machine.
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iPhone able to compete with PSP and Nintendo DS?

Even before the first games were shown at the App Store, those of us with jailbroken phones were playing with the Super Nintendo emulator (snes4iPhone) downloaded from the trusty Installer application.  We all knew that the iPhone was going to be a big hit, possibly even able to compete with the PSP and the Nintendo […]
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Its time to get serious and play some games

Seriously people, we need to “play”.  Forrester Research just came out with an article that describes the application of the gaming field to non-gaming environments (work/productivity).  Reading this blog was as close as I could immediately get to their near $800 dollar article on the topic.  The actual experience that they show in the blog of sitting around […]
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