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Get a LoD of this: Palm Pre vs iPhone vs G1

The Palm Pre was just announced at CES last week.  Is this finally a worthy competitor to the iPhone?  Check out Gizmodo’s article that compares the Palm Pre to the iPhone and G1.
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T-Mobile G1 Hacked? Browser issues

Some T-Mobile G1 users are seeing an interesting page redirection when they try to visit some web sites. They get redirected to a security issues page that entices them to download an AntiSpyware program. Interesting issue. Though, as one of the commenters pointed out, it could have been a server that got hacked and not […]
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G1: RC30 supposedly doesn’t change SIM unlock [unverified]

I’ve not been able to completely verify this, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that RC30 doesn’t effect the sim unlock, and only ruins the jailbreak (though the XDA developers have already found a way to keep your jailbroken status and have the RC30 update).
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AT&T G1: Unlocked

The G1 is going to need to lose the whole “T-Mobile” portion of its name now that it has been unlocked for use with other carriers. The video is unnecessarily long, but it shows how simple the unlock process is. UPDATE: The G1 is painfully slow on AT&T’s network because the 3G network for AT&T […]
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