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XUI through Augmented Reality

All of these Augmented Reality applications have been popping up lately and it reminded me of the old XUI videos that I saw a while back. These XUI videos by Microsoft are an extremely sci-fi feeling, forward-thinking rendition of what computing could become and how it could impact our lives.  XUI would “totally” be possible […]
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Future of Technology

This is sort of a “look how far we’ve come” video, as well as a “welcome to reality” video.  The video is pretty long, but there are lots of useless facts in it that you could randomly spout out to your work buddies.  That’s what I do… I saw this first over at NetGenDesign.
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The future iPhone Xg: third generation release date

Disclaimer:  I have no idea when the next iPhone will be released.  All of my views are based on pure speculation, so don’t get mad when I’m wrong. That said, I do have some ideas about when it SHOULD be released.  No earlier than 2010, on the third anniversary of the iPhone.  There are two […]
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