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WWDC’s not broken, but it could use some upgrades

John Gruber on fixing WWDC: It occurs to me that Apple did make a major change to help those who don’t or can’t attend WWDC: they release the session videos remarkably soon after the conference ends. Watching the videos is not the same thing as being there (no labs, for one thing), but it’s a […]
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Problems with the latest MacBook Nvidia update

I was going to ignore the issue until I saw this thread from AppleInsider.  People that were reportedly having problems with the integrated 9400M video cards in their late-2008 unibody MacBooks are still having problems with the latest driver update.  I had some problems a while back with my secondary display flickering, but I haven’t […]
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Z2K9: Zune freeze issue due to leap year

The issue that made 30GB Zunes freeze on the last day of 2008 was apparently due to the code in the firmware for controlling leap year.  On the last day of a leap year the code hit an infinite loop because it got to day 366.
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