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Mac memory management tips for the rest of us.


The absolute best way to improve your coding skills!

The absolute best way to improve your coding skills is to read the absolute best advanced MVVM book EVAR! If you’re programming WPF or Silverlight, don’t pass up the opportunity to give Advanced MVVM a read. Written by one of the best WPF developers in the known universe, it’s sure to be useful and worth […]
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Google Wave : Talk about doing conversations the ‘right way’

Google is blowing this whole communication business out of the water.  There are a ton of features in Google Wave that have been combined to create something that is just better than other communication services. Every feature of the platform was obviously thought through.  The whole time I’ve been watching the video (I’m still watching […]
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Xcode error 0xE8000001, can’t install iPhone applications

I was having a wild time on Friday night – I was drinking [smoothie] and making some sweet advances on the hot [uni] body [MacBook] that was resting next to me.  Yes – I was making small breakthroughs in iPhone coding.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t THAT wild on Friday night, but I have a […]
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iPhone development: memory management

Coming from Microsoft’s .NET environment, the first the thing that really frustrated me when I was trying to develop in Objective C 2.0 was the garbage collection. It felt like I was going “back to basics” with memory management. Honestly, this hurdle at first glance seems like a large hurdle to jump, but as I […]
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