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Ridiculously awesome gymkhana video

This is me… …in my dreams. The driver in the video is Ken Block – a co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of DC Shoes. The car he’s driving is a 2008 Subaru STi that was custom built by Crawford Performance and the Skunkworks team.  It’s got 565 WHP, 590 ft/lb torque, and some custom valved […]
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What happens when you ask questions?

What happens when you ask questions?  You get answers, right? Well, what happens if instead of being satisfied with the answer you stay in the question?  What happens if you continue to ask why?  Eventually you get to the point where you really start to wonder: “Why do we do things this way?” That’s the […]
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Get a LoD of this: Traffic signs

The zombies are causing traffic problems again… Clicking the image will NOT take you to instructions on how to “hack” one of the above traffic signs. </lie>
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370Z and the Nissan SynchroRev Match technology

As a 350Z owner I was obviously pretty excited to hear about the release of the 370Z.  I watched the news for the spy photos and now that the 370Z is here, I’ve read all the reviews.  I have yet to drive one and I can’t wait to sit myself in someones driver seat (if […]
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