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AT&T brings back performance just in time for the iPad


AT&T service FAIL at CES 2010

I was just reading Engadget’s article about the best gadgets they used to help make their reporting of CES 2010 easier and more productive than ever.  They listed the different camera setups that they used, including the Canon 7D for video, which they have some cool intro reviews for.  Sadly, at the bottom of the list, […]
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Apple | iPhone | Tablet | AT&T recent news recap 2010

iPhone | AT&T Rumored that iPhone’s next big feature is going to be the Verizon Network – Also read the opposing argument about why a Verizon deal would be unlikely. Some possible feature inclusions AT&T warns of a clamp down on iPhone data hogs AT&T is starting to counter Verizon’s anti AT&T campaign Tablet: Rumored […]
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MMS | Tethering on iPhone 3.0

There are some great instructions over at TekNation for getting MMS and tethering to work on your iPhone.  The gist of it is: If you’re not interested in MMS, skip to step 3. If you’re interested in MMS you’re going to have to give AT&T a call to enable WAP Push on your device.  This […]
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The real reason the AT&T exclusive iPhone contract expires 2010 | new iPhone release

NOTE: If you’re looking for information on the new iPhone 3GS announced at WWDC 2009, click HERE. In the US, AT&T has an exclusive contract to support the iPhone.  No other carriers can sell or officially support the iPhone.  This deal between Apple and AT&T was originally due to end in 2009. This date was […]
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Shelling out extra for iPhone tethering plan: OUTRAGEOUS!

If you’re in the know with the latest iPhone news, then you’ve already read about Apple and AT&T discussing the possibility of an iPhone tethering plan.  If you’re not in the know, educate yourself!. The fact that they’re thinking about charging an ADDITIONAL 30 dollars just for a tethering option is absurd.  Somebody please smack […]
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