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Google voice on the iPhone


Apple tablet rumor version two


2010 MacBook Refresh Q1 and Q3 | Light Peak?

Earlier today, AppleInsider posted an image from an internal Intel email that was sent to all employees as part of their internal rewards structure.  The image stated that they had a chance to win a new MacBook Pro “with the accelerated response of an Intel Core i5 processor.”  This leads us all to believe that […]
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Save the date! Apple Tablet announcement + more

January 27th is the day you’ve all been waiting for!  Apple should then be announcing their Apple Tablet and possibly the iPhone 4.0 SDK and/or Tablet SDK (I’m guessing that the tablet and iPhone SDKs won’t be that much different, but I could be wrong).  I would assume that a tablet would be able to […]
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2010 iPhone to have 5 megapixel camera

Looks like the next generation of the iPhone that’s set to come out in 2010 might have a 5-megapixel camera.  DigiTimes reported that OmniVision has secured the order for 5 megapixel CMOS image sensors to be delivered to Apple.  They’re expecting to see sales of 40-45 million units. The speculation currently says that these units […]
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University of Washington spotlighted in Apple Hot News feed

If you subscribe to the Apple Hot News feed then you would have seen that the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) was spotlighted as a large connected campus with 14,000 handheld mobile devices on their wifi network,  about 90% of which are iPhones. “The community isn’t defined any longer by where we are,” says Grant […]
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Apple | iPhone | Tablet | AT&T recent news recap 2010

iPhone | AT&T Rumored that iPhone’s next big feature is going to be the Verizon Network – Also read the opposing argument about why a Verizon deal would be unlikely. Some possible feature inclusions AT&T warns of a clamp down on iPhone data hogs AT&T is starting to counter Verizon’s anti AT&T campaign Tablet: Rumored […]
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Apple ensures it’s future with the iTouch

A recent article from Flurry shows the promise of the future iPhone market through it’s iTouch users.  The idea is that all the younger people that own the iPod Touch are going to be the same people that later buy an iPhone when they can afford phone plans. When today’s young iPod Touch users age […]
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LOL at Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker of NBC in 2007: “We know that Apple has destroyed the music business…”
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Crime in the Apple Store

Crime doesn’t pay boys and girls. App developer Moliker has allegedly been scamming the app store by creating fraudulent reviews for its applications, of which it has over 1000.  That’s a lot of apps!  Apple has pulled them all from the App Store for the time being.  Read more at AppleInsider.com.
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New reason to visit the Apple Store

If you’re like me and will use any excuse to take a trip to the Apple Store (even though you’ve been there a hundred times and know all of their products like the back of your hand) then I’ve got the excuse for you! Some Apple stores have upgraded their POS (Point Of Sale) devices […]
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Apple store 360 feet from Microsoft Store

While the Microsoft Store was launching in Mission Viejo, CA at the end of October, the Apple store (360 feet away from the Microsoft store) was busily working on a remodel.  When I was there, the entire Apple store was stripped down – the drywall wasn’t even up yet. Here we are, less than a […]
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More Apple tablet news

AppleInsider announced today that they have multiple sources that are ” well-respected by AppleInsider for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs” – they all are saying that there’s a tablet slated for 2010.  Could be exciting.  Take a look at the complete AppleInsider article. In addition to the other pictures I posted a couple days […]
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Apple Media Pad rumor… again

In Apple’s most recent earnings report (Q309) they again squashed any hopes of coming out with a netbook computer saying that they’re not going to make a piece of junk. Rumors have been flying around nevertheless about an “Apple Media Pad.”  The rumors are complete with pictures of course.  Above is the most recent concept. […]
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Apple appologizes for activation delays with gift certificates

Looks like Apple is giving $30 iTunes gift certificates to the people that bought the iPhone 3G S and weren’t able to activate their phones for a couple days due to activation server delays.  They’ll be sending you an email if they found that you were affected by the server delays.  Take a look.
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