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3.3.1 | Best solution for Apple’s new rules

Are you an exclusive MonoTouch developer or a wishful future CS5 Flash-to-iPhone-app user? Tired of reading millions of threads complaining about 3.3.1? Want to develop an application for the iPhone but feeling scared about Cocoa? Boy have we got the solution for you! Just go freaking learn Cocoa Touch and Obj C! Other blogs might […]
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3.3.1 | Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement

After last Thursday’s announcement of iPhone OS4 an update to the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement was found on the Apple developer website that prohibited the use of any third party cross compilers and/or language wrappers/converters for the use of making iPhone applications.  This is described in the update to section 3.3.1: 3.3.1 — Applications may […]
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Adobe and ARM: not hand-in-hand with iPhone

Adobe and ARM just buddied up to accelerate the development of Adobe’s Flash and AIR for mobile devices.  They have been building a mobile version of flash for a long time, called Flash Lite, but they are now focusing on building full featured Flash for mobile.  Unfortunately for all of us with iPhones (which also […]
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