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Apple iPad 3G + Wifi | Two days left on the countdown


AT&T brings back performance just in time for the iPad


Jailbreak tutorial for iPhone 3G: 3.0 OS

I just jailbroke my phone last night, but the experience was far from smooth.  I jailbroke my phone 3 times, and the first 2 times my phone couldn’t get any service form AT&T.  I’m posting this tutorial thread to help others overcome any of the same issues that I had. Step 1 Download PwnageTool from […]
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iPhone tethering results

I know I’m late to get on the bandwagon, but I finally tethered my phone just for kicks.  Actually, if you must know, I really did it in response to the AppleInsider article stating rumors that Apple was talking with AT&T to charge extra for a tethering plan.  I’m actively against this, and that’s why […]
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QuickPwn for iPhone 3G OSv2.0.2 works like a charm!

I tried the new version of QuickPwn that was released today (it’s currently hosted here) and it worked great.  Took about 4 minutes total and now I’m enjoying complete, jailbroken freedom.  Huge thanks to the iphone dev team! Note that performing this act does NOT limit any other capability of your phone in any way.  It still connects […]
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My First iPhone 3G

Thanks to Apple and a guy named Charles (the guy that helped me at the apple store) I now have an iPhone 3G.  Yay for me!  Now I can get the latest and greatest iPhone software on my 3G, while still keeping all of the jailbroken material on my other iPhone, as well as using […]
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