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The absolute best way to improve your coding skills!

The absolute best way to improve your coding skills is to read the absolute best advanced MVVM book EVAR! If you’re programming WPF or Silverlight, don’t pass up the opportunity to give Advanced MVVM a read. Written by one of the best WPF developers in the known universe, it’s sure to be useful and worth […]
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Welcoming Josh Smith to IdentityMine

Josh Smith announced today that he’ll be making his way one-way trip to Seattle today to join our team. He is leaving Infragistics and starting his new life here at IdentityMine. As he is “very proud, and excited” to be coming to IdentityMine, we here at IdentityMine are very proud, and excited, to have him […]
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Dinner at Black Bottle

Just got back from a great dinner at Black Bottle in Seattle.  In attendance were some members of the WPF and Silverlight community.  Topics of discussion involved Silverlight, Live Mesh, MIX09 (and reminiscing of previous MIX adventures), Surface, Maya 3D software, and some WPF talk mixed in there.  Lots of great topics.  There’s never a […]
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Super Bowl Security commanded by Microsoft Surface

Looks like the Microsoft Surface unit is going to be a key player in helping the security team stay organized on Super Bowl Sunday.  Credit goes to Microsoft, E-SPONDER, and Infusion.  Microsoft supplies the Surface unit, E-SPONDER supplied the connections to the security data network, and Infusion Development provided the Falcon Eye technology (the software […]
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MIX09 10K smart coding challenge

If you haven’t already submitted your code for the Mix09 10K smart coding challenge then you better get on it.  There are quite a few Silverlight applications here so if you’re looking for what people can do with a few lines of code go check it out.  Even if you don’t code you should go […]
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I love working at IdentityMine part2: PDC2008

Andrew Whiddett, IdentityMine‘s Vice President of Interactive Technology, is shown here playing with the photos application that IdentityMine built.   A large focus of the team at IdentityMine, and specifically Andrew, has been understanding at a code level what a user is trying to control when they click the screen – is the user trying to grab a picture, or pan the screen?  […]
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